Employment Law

If your business has employees, you may be aware of the difficulties in navigating the array of rules and regulations which govern the employer-employee relationship.


Within the past year in New York, there have been new mandates placed on employers regarding paid family leave, sexual harassment, discrimination, equal pay, and mandatory overtime pay, to name just a few. If your business is located in New York City, there are even more.

Does your company have a comprehensive Employee Handbook to serve as the go-to authority for your policies and procedures regarding these and other requirements? If the answer is no, it should be a priority to craft one.

Some examples of what we can assist you with:
  • required sexual harassment training
  • internal investigations of harassment/discrimination claims
  • compliance with federal, state and local requirements, including the Family Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • defending against claims filed with the EEOC or the New York Division of Human Rights
  • employee/independent contractor agreements
  • employee performance management

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