Contracts & Agreements

Running a business will undoubtedly require contractual involvement with a wide range of parties, ample reason to be sure you are protecting yourself.


With rare exception, most companies these days will have a need for third-party vendors, each of whom may be granted a degree of access to your operating system in order to adequately provide a particular product or service. These can range from payroll systems and electronic billing, to IT services and phone repair.

On a larger scale, the real estate contracts (office leases) and service agreements entered into by a business are additional components which require a level of guidance in order to ensure sound decisions are being made.

Other commonly used contracts include Confidentiality Agreements (NDAs) and Employment/Independent Contractor Agreements.

These blueprints are designed to anticipate, and minimize, potential issues and misunderstandings down the line, and serve to lay out roles and responsibilities for all parties involved.

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