Business Formation

The process of forming a business brings with it a host of considerations, each of which is essential to ensuring your company is both legally and functionally equipped to operate.


Are you starting a business that you plan to run indefinitely, or are you forming a “start-up” enterprise with the goal of selling within three to seven years? Do you anticipate seeking investors, or will you be financing the business yourself, perhaps with assistance from friends and family? Will there be multiple owners?

These, and other questions, will determine the type of legal entity under which your business should be formed, consistent with your ultimate goals and objectives.

Once that decision has been made, there are mandatory filings and associated documentation requirements critical to establishing the framework under which your business will operate, including comprehensive by-laws, Shareholder Agreements and Operating Agreements.

Deciding on your business entity, and setting it up properly, are paramount to the long-term success of your company.

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