Business Acquisition & Sale

Whether buying or selling a new or existing business, purchasing a franchise, or tiptoeing into the world of mergers and acquisitions, expert legal counsel is recommended in order to facilitate a smooth transition. 


The intricacies of transferring ownership or consolidating business operations can be complex, and as such, it's vital to ensure proper protocol is being followed at each step of what has the potential to be a lengthy process.

While goals may vary depending upon the particular financial structure in place, building on strengths and minimizing weaknesses—or, in the case of mergers, strategically combining the assets of both parties—should always be a prime focal point.

Franchises bring with them a unique set of qualifiers; namely, the inheritance of an existing blueprint, complete with established pricing models, an inventory of products, as well as accompanying marketing techniques, logos and signage.

No matter the business model, putting together a long-term plan for profitable growth is essential for success.

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